Earth Day 2015!

Earthday BannerJoin community members at Full Circle Farm.

Download full program HERE.

Schedule of Events

11:00     Basic Chicken Raising with Annie Moultry, 4-H
12:00     Mulberry Street Unveiling
12:30     Prettiest Chicken Contest
  1:00     The Amazing Dr. Zarcon’s Breathing Machine
  2:00     Okie and the Poppy Collective 
  2:00     AAH’s Petting Zoo of baby animals
  3:00     The Paper Bag Strength and Beauty Contest

All Day

Andy is in the Research Garden
Dan’s demonstrating composting and biochar
Farm Stand is open for your shopping needs
Plant Sale has vegetables, succulents, flowers and more
Mark and Mohamed are keeping bees 
Yoga and meditation to sooth your mind and body

Photo Contests

The Mad Hatter invites you to submit your best Sunday hat for a photography contest.
Prize: $5 Apple Gift Card

Farmer Jacob would like to see your best pictures of Full Circle Farm:
fields, veggies, flowers, wildlife, people having fun and so forth.
Prize: $5 Apple Gift Card

Please be a considerate photographer!

Food Trucks

Rodricks BBQ
Dil Se
Los Talucas