Farm Tours FAQ


Can my school request an invoice and pay in advance with a check?

Yes!  If you are a large group or school you can request an invoice be sent to your district, school or organization via the online registration form. You must pay the full amount via check before the tour commences. *ONLY AVAILABLE TO SCHOOLS OR LARGE GROUPS.

What are the payment options for my group?

Payment can be made online with Paypal or by check and is required in order to book your tour. After you register your group online, you will receive a link with payment details so you can secure your booking. Prices for farm tours are available on our Farm Tours Page on our website, please email any enquiries to:

Can we bring 2 x classes to tour the farm on the same day at the same time?

Yes! We have 2 x tour guides available on Tuesday + Fridays and can tour 2 x classes [up to 30 students per class] at one time. If you have 60+ students, see below. 

I have 60+ students. Can we tour multiple classes on the same day at the same time?

Yes! We have 2 x tour guides available available on Tuesday + Fridays, so we stagger the tours as follows: 2 x tours beginning @ 9:00/9:30am followed by 2 x tours beginning @10:00/10:30am. Scheduled start times depend if you are taking the 60 or 90 min tours. 

What can students do while they wait for tour guides to return?

FCF understands that schools often require to all come together on the same transport, so for students waiting for the first 2 x tours to complete, we have shaded picnic tables or a covered outdoor classroom on site with a whiteboard where you can teach a lesson. There is also Raynor Park nearby where you can play, have a snack or rest until the first tours return. FCF cannot provide supervision for the students while waiting. Animal Assisted Happiness is our friendly neighbor, right on our property, and they may have availability for your waiting classes to tour with them. *Please ensure that your group will be back in time to begin your farm tour.

Do you offer custom tours that focus on specific study areas?

No. However, If there is a particular focus of study that your students are learning about [EG; beneficial insects, healthy eating, recycling, community] feel free to include this focus subject with your tour registration and we can inform our guides so they may choose to make the tour more relevant for the students.

Can our tour include additional farm duties or a volunteering component?

No. The tours that we have available are designed specifically for a group of students to tour our farm with one guide. You will find that our farm tours offer plenty of fun physical interaction and observational learning experiences! Group student volunteering is available at Full Circle Farm in our Volunteer Education Garden every WED + SAT. Please register your group with Dan Hafeman

Do you have supporting learning resources that you can provide before a tour?

We don’t at this time, but we look forward to answering any questions in regards to your students focus study areas.

Can we have lunch on the farm and what facilities do you have?

Yes, we have plenty of shaded picnic tables where your students can relax and have lunch after their tour. There is also Raynor Park nearby on Quail Ave. next to the farm; a 5 minute walk from our front gate.

Is there a bathroom available on the farm?

We have 2 x portable toilets available at opposite ends of the farm for convenience during your visit. They are regularly maintained. We also have a hand washing station available for the students at the end of the tour.

Can you buy farm produce when we come to visit?

Yes! We generally have farm fresh eggs available for sale and if you ask your tour guide, we may also have other fresh produce available to buy. Please bring small change cash or check to purchase. We do not have a farm stand, gift shop or museum on the farm.