Education Garden Volunteering


Santa Clara Unified School District has decided not to exercise the 10 year Lease renewal option with Full Circle Farm Sunnyvale. 

Therefore our Lease with Santa Clara Unified School District expires on July 31, 2017.  Santa Clara Unified School District will take over the property on August 5, 2017.  

As a result, the education gardens will be closing at the end of day on Saturday July 15.  Groups will not be scheduled after Saturday June 24.


The Santa Clara Unified School District has not informed us of their volunteer activity schedule once they take over management of the farm.


Full Circle Farm’s Education Garden is a one-acre patch of green at the west end of the farm. The garden meets several community needs while the farm at large is focused on locally-grown food production.

All garden waste is composted. Our goal is to make all of our own compost and use this compost as the sole soil additive for our plants. This is a key requirement to achieving a sustainable garden. We practice both vermicomposting and backyard techniques. Our volunteers and visitors can observe composting in action.

Adult education + volunteering

We encourage adults in the community to volunteer in the garden. No experience is required as we do on-the-job training for our volunteers. All garden work is done by volunteers who have free access to the produce grown in the garden.

Growing a large range of crops.

We grow many types and varieties of edible vegetables. Some of these are experimental for the farm. Others are suggested by our volunteers. If a regular volunteer has a particular interest in a given plant type and has seeds/seedlings, we will find a place for the plants. This produce will then be shared among all the volunteers.

A place for children to experience growing produce.

Designed to enable easy access by children of all ages, the garden provides a space for youth groups from preschool up through middle school. We have a Children’s Garden space available and many of our volunteers come with their entire family.

Peterson Middle School outdoor classroom.

Peterson 6th and 7th graders spend one period every two weeks in the garden. The children plan their own garden beds and then plant and care for those beds.