Santa Clara Unified School District

Our primary partner in implementing our programs, the district serves over 14,000 students in a 56-square mile area, approximately 45% of which qualify for free or reduced school lunch. There are 16 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, and 1 continuing education center in the school district. The district serves seven ethnic subgroups and many socioeconomically disadvantaged families. Despite serious budget restrictions, the Santa Clara Unified School District has continually supported and funded educational programs for at-risk populations. Its long-term vision is to close the achievement gap for its disadvantaged students. As a partner in the foundation of Full Circle Farm, the school district has leased District land at a below-market rates and fosters curricular partnerships with faculty.

Stanford University and the Stanford Prevention Research Center, Stanford School of Medicine

Dr. Christopher Gardener is a nutrition researcher at the Stanford Prevention Research Center. He is actively seeking funding to design and implement the most comprehensive evaluation of farm-based learning programs ever conducted. This study will be designed by a collaborative of Stanford researchers in nutrition and education departments. It will begin with a needs assessment of SCUSD’s health curriculum to help staff develop curriculum at Full Circle Farm which best fills in the districts most pressing educational ‘gaps’. From this point, researchers will systematically document students’ and families’ baseline data in order to be able to measure the impact of the farm’s programs as they are implemented.

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

We are proud members of Kaiser’s Health Eating Active Living (HEAL) Initiative, which strives to improve the food and physical activity environments of Santa Clara County schools. Support from the HEAL Initiative was instrumental in establishing the farm’s first infrastructure and community events, and we are looking forward to partnering with their wide array of health experts as we work to develop programs to encourage healthy living in both classrooms and cafeterias.

Animal Assisted Happiness

We share our land with this other wonderful non-profit organization and include visits to their barnyard on our student farm tours. AAH mission is to enrich the lives of children and their families experiencing special needs, health or family challenges. They provide access to gentle barnyard animals so children and their family members can interact with animals to bring moments of happiness into their lives.

Freshness Farms

Full Circle Farm partners with Freshness Farms to deliver our fresh, local sustainable produce through their online CSA program to the local community.

Little Seeds Workshop

Ecology education classes programmed by a local bay area business, operating right here on our farm.

Relax! It’s Yoga

The farm provides a space for yoga classes every Saturday on our farm to help promote a healthy and relaxation opportunities for the local community