Our Vision

Full Circle Farm is a project of Sustainable Community Gardens (SCG), a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the renewal of local, sustainable food systems

There is a need for fundamental change in the way that we grow, get, and eat our food. Full Circle Farm represents a shift toward food systems that are local, fresh, and sustainable. Diversified, intensively managed crops and orchards grow on our eleven acre site at Peterson Middle School in Sunnyvale, California. Through our stewardship of this land, we honor our rich agricultural past while demonstrating how powerfully abundant our agricultural future can and should be.

As a working and self-sustaining farm, we provide our community, schools, and local businesses with fresh, locally-produced food. In addition to healthy food, our children need the chance to develop complex relationships with the land; they deserve to have the same sense of place that once grew out of local family farms.Fantastic Day

Integrated ecology, nutrition, and vocational curricula help students rebuild the connections between our environment, our community, and the food that sustains. An on-site kitchen facility coming in the near future will let students experience the simple joy of preparing foods that they have grown and harvested. Our children thrive and mature as they reclaim their land, their bodies, and their food sources.
A place of both beauty and purpose, Full Circle Farm serves a pivotal role in our community’s movement toward a food system that nourishes our bodies, the land, and the generations yet to come.